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The Anatomy of a Quilting Show

We are so lucky to have the pleasure to attend dozens of Quilting Shows each year. We know, we are probably a little jealous. We wanted to show you a bit of what happens to travel to and attend a quilting show.

Last week was the AQS Quilt Week Show in Daytona Beach. Sure, going to the beach in February when we live in Utah sounds like a huge chore and well, it is (it's really not). Our favorite thing to do is to travel and meet quilters from all over the country.

So let's dive in and see what it's like to travel to a quilting show. It all starts with two besties meeting up at the airport on a Monday night and traveling to Orlando, FL from Salt Lake City, UT.

When we land in Orlando, we need to get the biggest rental car we can find. We always go pick up our product and then drive to the show. This time we landed well after midnight so there were no more pick up trucks. We had to cross all our fingers and toes that our product will all fit in this car we rented. (Check out the cool light that made us never forget what type of car we had!)

After we picked up the product, we headed to Daytona Beach and the Ocean Center which would be our home for 5 days, 9 hours a day.

While we do work hard at the show, we also try to have a little fun. Walking on the beach, singing karaoke (although not very good), and lots and lots of amazing food!

Have you ever wondered what it looks like at a show before the show opens? We got a little sneak peak for you of what happens during set up.

Check out what the Cutterpillar Booth looks like full and ready for shopping!

Time for the opening of the show. As usual the awesome quilters seem to beat us to the show and we are racing in to our booth to get ready for all the shoppers!

And of course no Quilt Show is complete without viewing the amazing quilts. One of the things we love most is the Cherrywood Fabric Challenge. Colors and Themes each year create amazing quilts. This year the theme was Monarch.

Viewing the quilts is never complete until you take a look at all the winners. Amazing quilts this year.

If you ever get a chance to go to a quilt show, GO! You will come home inspired (even if you spend most of the time working in a booth like us!) And perhaps you will find us there. If you do, please come say hi!

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