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Our Story

CutterPillar was founded in 2011 when Kelly Thompson, after years in the printing industry, saw an opportunity for a new and better way to cut paper. After several prototypes, and long hours toiling upward in the night, he created the world's best paper trimmer, the CutterPillar Pro.


Kelly was joined in the business by his brother, Jack, in 2012, when he needed help selling his creation at trade shows because the demand was overwhelming. They’ve been joined through the years at trade shows by their parents (their mother Laura handles Customer Service to this day), Jack’s wife, Marin, and son, Zach. 


Since the very beginning, we’ve loved and embraced growing the business face-to-face…demonstrating our products to one customer at a time as much as possible, so we can learn what you need, make the right adjustments, and see the delight in your faces as we deliver.


From there, Kelly and Jack embraced their shared passion for creating the most innovative and best crafting tools by bringing more cutting-edge tools to life- tools designed to make crafting easier, time-saving, and more fun. In the process, they originally developed our world-famous light boards for paper crafting, but soon realized the amazing applications of light in quilting, sewing, and other fiber arts. They leaned more and more heavily into improving the light boards, light board accessories, and other tools for use in those areas.


It should be noted that their mother Laura insisted they learn to sew when they were teens, so for them, expansion into the fiber arts world may have been inevitable, and that’s helped them to personally understand and solve many challenges crafters face in creating.

In 2017, Melodee Cloud was recruited from the paper crafting industry to help run the newly created office in Bluffdale, Utah, and also to represent CutterPillar at 15-20 trade shows per year. She's often joined at shows by her husband, Theo, and best friend, Kesha, and a paper crafter and quilter in her spare time.

The company continually grew and thrived until Covid unleashed a pandemic of capital issues, which seriously slowed progress due to the major focus on trade shows and brick and mortar store sales to that point.  

These struggles continued until another family, Brett Lamoreaux and his wife Karin, and Todd Lamoreaux and his wife Lindsey, joined CutterPillar in late 2023 as capital partners. Their backgrounds were in entrepreneurship, marketing technology, and sales, so they brought with them a vision of growing the digital side of the business with our wonderful wholesale & influencer partners, to help more and more crafters see and experience CutterPillar’s innovative and amazing tools. Karen and Lindsey are quilters and crafters too, and Brett and Todd’s late mother was an avid quilter, sewist, and crafter of many kinds, so their involvement may have also been written in the stars.


Today, along with the best customer support, office, and warehouse crew you can find anywhere in Laura, Emily, Aubrey, and another Todd, we’re fully back to what CutterPillar has always done best…designing exciting, innovative products, with an ever-deepening desire to help our customers create lighter, brighter, & better!


Cutterpillar Pro

Trying to make projects and finding frustration with the trimmers on the market, Kelly Thompson decided there had to be a better way.  The Cutterpillar Pro was created and cutting was never the same.

glow light board

After the huge success of the Paper Trimmers, we found that we needed a full crafting space - WITH light.  Thus the Light Boards with the included cutting mat was created.

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