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Mini Quilting Clamp

CutterPillar Mini Quilting Clamp

This little, green devil uses surprisingly strong suction to grasp and hold firmly onto unwieldy quilting templates & rulers. Simple mechanics grip onto any flat (un-textured) surface.  Perfect for holding, cutting and moving  your quilting ruler.  To remove, just release the handle and it comes right off leaving no marks.  Once you try this clever device, you'll never want to use your ruler without it.  (note: included, 1 clamp)

Components and smaller items are now dispatched from a distinct facility and can be purchased through a separate website.

Rotary 3-Pack refills


A 3-pack rotary re-fill set.  One of each. 20mm, 28mm and 45mm.  Made from a high quality steel to help retain edge sharpness.  Easy to install.  (note, these blades are for the rotary cutter 3-pack, not the paper trimmer)


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PenBlade crafting knives

Pen blade #15

We've partnered with PenBlade® to bring you one of the most amazing cutting tools available.  It has a unique ability to retract the blade with the simple push of a button, making it safe for storage in pockets, purses, and totes.  Light, durable and impressively sharp.  The perfect tool to use with the CutterPillar Glow. 

Pen blade #11

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