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Become a part of the
Cutterpillar Family
CutterPillar Glow Premium craftng lightboard
  • 50%+ discount for you on all CutterPillar products

  • 15% discount coupon for your audience

  • 30 day cookie

  • 12% minimum of every sale you drive, with the opportunity to make more

  • Payable at 90 days

  • AOV >$100

  • Advanced notice of product launches and sales

  • Regular newsletters, promotions, information, etc.

  • Additional awards and bonuses

  • Personal dashboard and ability to track your sales

  • Please email us at with questions

All personal info collected will not be shared and will be kept in strict confidence. If approved, you will be required to provide a Social Security number or tax ID number in order for us to process compensation.

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