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5 in 1 self-healing 
Multi-folding cutting mat


The CutterPillar Flip & Fold is the craft industry's first 5 in 1 folding mat.  Made of a new self-healing material called TPE rubber. Designed to last 10x longer than traditional PVC. 


This new eco-friendly, non-toxic rubber will keep your rotary blade sharper twice as long as PVC.

The ginormous 36x48" mat flips & folds down to 12x18".  Easily stored on a shelf.  No more warped mats from storing vertically!

This patented mat has puzzle-locks that eliminate the seams for smooth cutting. 

  • 12x18

  • 18x24 

  • 24x36

  • 18x48

  • 36x48

  • Wow, that's a lot of size options 


The first portable, cutting mat that will fit on any sized work area.

(note: rotary cutter not included, but shown for scale)


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