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When Smaller Is Finally Better

Introducing Cutterpillar's NEW Glow Elite - Mini, and our NEW Light Boards Collection, the GLOW ELITES!

Our New Glow Elite - Mini Light Board is the first installment of our new Elite Collection of Light Boards. With new features, this Lighter - Brighter - Better Light Board is a must for your crafting collection of tools.

This pint-sized Glow Elite - Mini Light Board is the perfect tool for your on-the-go crafting. With 4 levels of light, this is now the brightest light board in our collection.

The molded plastic base makes this Light Board super lightweight and easy to carry to a class or event.

If that wasn't enough, the Glow Elite - Mini Light board has magnetic metal plates BUILT INTO the base. Why is that a good thing? You can use our super strong magnets (sold separately here) to help keep your patterns and papers or fabric in place while tracing your project.

This Glow Elite - Mini Light Board also INCLUDES our signature translucent, self-healing cutting mat. With the textured surface on the back, you can use your rotary cutter to trim all your pattern pieces while using the light to see better!

At 10" x 13" this Glow Elite - Mini Light Board will be amazing for all your Mini Projects!

Pre-Order yours today for delivery in Mid-Late May!

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