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On The Road Again...Kelly at AQS QuiltWeek in Branson

It's hard to put my feelings about this experience into words, but here goes.

Missouri IS quilt country. Branson IS Missouri. Branson IS such a cute little American town!

Doing this quilt expo every year has been so much fun for CutterPillar. We've met and enjoyed much quality time with you, our people. We've been reinvigorated by you here who love quilting. It’s a skill, a hobby, and a passion passed down from generation to generation.

You are beginners who are just making your first quilt. You are seasoned pros doing paper-piecing and edge-turning. You all make beautiful quilts that are as American as the Smithsonian. 

Of course we like selling new products. We have plenty of those. But my favorite part of doing this show this year was, just like in years past, talking with you. Fan girls, teachers, newbies, and partners. I shared ideas with you. You shared more ideas with me. I got more hugs at this expo than any other!

As the creator of CutterPillar, it brought me so much joy to personally see how our products are helping you do this better, faster, and brighter.

We are going to continue to create new products that make quilting more fun and easier for you and quilters everywhere. Just like we’re going to keep coming back here, over and over.

Thank you, Branson, for your love of quilting and creativity in America!


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1 Comment

It must be that southern blood that you got from your momma that makes you feel right at home there in the Ozarks! Good people down there.

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