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Most Popular Ways to Create with CutterPillar Light Boards

Our two most-traveled trade show talents are Jack Thompson and Melodee Cloud. Combined, they attend over 40+ shows per year, talking to thousands of CutterPillar friends and fans in the process.

One of our awesome partners recently asked us the most popular uses of our Light Boards, so we naturally went to Jack and Melodee to ask their informed takes. Below is what they've learned/observed, not necessarily in order of popularity.

Take a look- you might be surprised by how many others are creating with them:

Important note before we begin: Each size of our Glow Light Boards have three levels of light and are made out of acrylic, so they are very durable!

With each board, our translucent, self-healing cutting mat is INCLUDED.

We print a textured surface on the back of the cutting mat to keep from slipping around on the light board when you're using it. Now you can use a rotary cutter to cut paper or fabric right on your light!


With the included cutting mat:

  • Use light & grid to center the fabric design on patterns & templates

  • Line ruler up with gridlines for more accurate cutting

  • Square up all quilt pieces on the light before sewing them all together

Without the included cutting mat:

  • Tracing patterns for applique & paper piecing

  • Weeding vinyl 

  • Embroidery pattern creation


  • Aligning photos & embellishments on scrapbook pages & cards 

  • Stamping


  • Diamond art

  • Sketching

  • Coloring

  • Paint by number

Shop our amazing light boards (the Glow Ultra, Glow Premium, and Glow Basic) here.

Which are the top ways you use them we've missed?

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