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Join the CutterPillar Team!

Hey CutterPillar Creator Fans,

You've been asking for it...we've heard it is: we're thrilled to announce the launch of the CutterPillar Affiliate Program! 

Why Now?

As many of you know, since we first opened in 2010, we've mostly focused on trade shows and working through retailers. As you've hopefully noticed, in addition to that, we've recently decided to invest more in our own digital channels to better reach and serve our loyal, enthusiastic customers.

Over the years, so many of you have created wonderful, helpful, inspiring content with our products and we couldn't be more grateful. Many of you have also asked us if you could be paid to promote them to your audiences. With our new digital focus, we've now put the systems in place to make that a reality and are beyond excited to help you turn your love for quilting, sewing, paper crafting, and CutterPillar into a rewarding source of income! 

How We'll Help You Be Successful

If you're accepted into the program you'll have access to a range of tools and benefits that make the partnership truly worthwhile for you, easy to manage, easy to promote to your audience, and a great experience for both you and your audience. 

Key benefit list:

  • Minimum 12% commission for you on all products

  • 30-day cookie

  • 50% discount for you to buy CutterPillar products

  • >$100 AOV

  • Regular info on promotions, new products, updated content you can use, & other tips & best practices to help you maximize your success

  • Additional awards & bonuses for you

  • A personal dashboard for you to easily track your sales

  • Many exciting upcoming product launches

  • Minimum 15% discount for your audience members

To apply, please visit It should be quick and easy, and please email us at with any questions.

If you're less familiar with CutterPillar but interested in learning more, we provide a diverse selection of top-notch tools designed for quilters, sewers, and paper crafters. Click the "shop now" section of our site for more information and read the reviews on our site, Amazon, and our social media pages to see how enthusiastic and happy our customers are.

Let's craft a successful partnership together!

We can't wait for you to join the family!

The CutterPillar Affiliate Team

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