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Instant Attraction to Our NEW Crafting Tools!

Updated: Apr 24

Take your Cutterpillar Glow Light Boards to the next level! Just when you thought your Cutterpillar Glow Light Board was your best crafting tool (and let's all admit that it totally is) now you can make it even better!

Introducing... The Cutterpillar Magnets & Self-Adhesive Metal Plates!

"What are those?" you ask...let's explain.

Picture this.

You are tracing a pattern onto your interfacing. Your pattern slips. Ugh! Now you have to move it all around and start again.

You are working on your Diamond Painting project and your canvas slips and all your beads go flying. Double Ugh!

The super strong magnets will hold your pattern, your fabric and your cutting mat in place while you craft. No more re-adjusting in the middle of your project.

Now you can add Self-Adhesive Metal Plates to the back of your Glow Light Board and use the Set of Magnets to hold down your projects.

Place your Adhesive Metal Plates, they come in a set of 6, wherever you desire on the back of your Glow Basic, Glow Premium or even your Glow Ultra Light Board.



Right now the Magnets and Metal Plates are available for a limited time on Pre-Order. We are expecting delivery Mid-May and your order will ship as soon as we receive the products.

Take your favorite crafting tool to the next level!

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Judy Clay
Judy Clay
Apr 24

I have the big mat and bought the round one to go on top and disappointed that the mats are not self-healing. Still love them though.

Replying to

Hi Judy, thank you so much for being part of the CutterPillar family and we're so glad you love our mats! Thank you for bringing up the "self-healing" issue too because it's a term we really don't like, and if you don't mind, we'd like to share some insights about it to help anyone thinking about their mat needs.

We encourage everyone to research this on their own and come to their own conclusions, but based on our extensive research, "self-healing" is a marketing term for cutting mats made a certain way that shouldn't be taken any more literally than "farm-to-fork." Maybe this will change in the future, but for now, we're convinced only living creatures have true, "self-healing" properties.…

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