Frequently asked questions

Where are my scoring tools?

The left side of the Crease Scoring Board opens to store your Stylus Tool and your Reverse Scoring Rule.

How do you use the Reverse Scoring Rule?

Use the red tab at the top of the Rule to find the measurement you are looking for. Place the rule in the grooves. *note that the Reverse Scoring Rule is meant to sit into the grooves of the scoring board, not snap in* Place your cardstock, paper or other media on top of the Rule. Use the back end of the Stylus tool, place the channel on top of the paper and slide back and forth to create your 'crease'

Can I use the ball end of the Stylus tool?

Yes! Use the ball stylus like you would use a bone folder. It is less likely to rip through paper using the ball stylus.

What if I lose my Stylus Tool or Reverse Scoring Rule?

Easy! We have replacements available on our "Parts" page here:

What paper can I score with the Reverse Scoring Rule?

You can score anything from tissue and vellum up to 100 lb cardstock You can score against the grain and fold in either direction with no cracking of your thick or textured cardstock!