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  • Q: I have heard that there are different versions of the CutterPillar Pro. Can you explain?
    A: Yes. There are 4 versions of the CutterPillar Pro (Version 1, 2, and 3 with a metal base, and the Pro ABS with an ABS plastic base) plus the new portable CutterPillar Crop. Just like many products on the market, we are constantly striving to improve our cutter and meet customer demand for popular features. The new Pro ABS replaces all previous Pro versions. It is made of nearly indestructible ABS plastic. On the Pro ABS and Crop, both the rulers and grid are embedded right into the mold for increased accuracy and longevity. The LED lights use a new technology that is much brighter and which disburses the light better. They also require fewer batteries. The blades are a higher quality, stronger steel. The ABS Pro provides both metric and imperial measurements. A few other engineering changes were made to increase stability over time and prevent user damage. The Crop features the same cutting technology and LED back lighting as the Pro ABS, but in a smaller, lighter, more portable size. The ruler extends to over 17" when expanded. We know you'll love these new features!
  • Q: Does the CutterPillar come with metric measurements?
    A: Yes. The new Pro ABS and Crop versions have imperial AND metric measurements.
  • Q: What can I do to make the numbers on the ruler easier to see?
    In some lighting conditions, it may be slightly difficult for some people to see some of the smaller numbers on the ruler. We have found an easy solution, (especially easy for our talented, crafty customers !). It only takes a minute or two and will bring the numbers out in sharp contrast. You will need: 1) a small paint brush 2) any dark color of acrilyc paint (no oil based paints) or white acrylic paint 3) a paper towel Watch this short video for the easy steps: A second option is down-loadable rulers that can be printed onto adhesive paper to adhere to the top of the existing ruler. To print the rulers please click HERE Note: Neither method is needed to enjoy the funtionality of the CutterPillar. These were made as a courtesy to the few customers who asked us how they could see their rulers better.
  • Q: Do you offer replacement blades?
    A: Your CutterPillar should cut for years and years with the sharp rotary blade it came with. However, should your CutterPillar blade ever need a replacement, we offer a free replacement warranty on the rotary blade (with regular use--attempting to cut things other than paper and similar stock will void your warranty) within the 90 days from the purchase. Please contact, and include your model name, date/place of purchase or copy of receipt, and a description of your cutting issue. We also offer replacement blade-packs at cost (no profit). This pack includes a replacement "round blade cartridge" and a "flat blade". We have added them together because of the difficulty determining on which blade has been damaged. Please visit our parts page for these blades and other parts:
  • Q. What is the warranty on the CutterPillar Pro?
    A. The CutterPillar Pro is warrantied against manufacturing defects for 90 days. If you discover a manufacturing defect within the first 90 days, please contact customer service. We will repair or replace your CutterPillar with an equal model at our discretion*. After 90 days, we will help you troubleshoot your issue. There are many small adjustments that can be made at home that are likely to fix your issue. Please contact customer service. For user-caused issues, please contact customer service to discuss your options. (*Note: exchanges for a newer model will not be allowed.)
  • Q: How much does the CutterPillar weigh?
    A: The CutterPillar Pro ABS weighs 4 lbs. The Crop weighs 2.5 lbs. The CutterPillar Pro V3 metal version weighs about 6 lbs out of the package.
  • Q: What is the CutterPillar Pro/Crop's power source?
    A: The CutterPillar Pro ABS and Crop both run on 4 AA batteries. Because the lights are LED, they are very energy efficient and should run off one set of batteries for years. Batteries are not included.
  • Q: Does the CutterPillar come in other colors?
    A: No. Currently the CutterPillar comes in our signature color, fabulous lime green.
  • Q: Is the CutterPillar blade self-sharpening?
    A: No blade is truly self-sharpening as any blade that comes into contact with another surface will gradually lose metal particles from its tip and become duller. However, as much as any blade can be self-sharpening, ours is! The CutterPillar's two-blade mechanism allows the rotary blade to pass against the stationary blade at the edge of the cutting surface, much like a pair of scissors. This helps keep the blades sharp. In fact, we have found that our cuts actually become cleaner and more precise the more we use our CutterPillars. The rotation of the moving blade also helps keep the blade sharper much longer than standard stationary blades. It provides 360 degrees of cutting edge rather than a tiny spot on the blade that always hits the paper.
  • Q: How small of a strip can the CutterPillar trim off?
    A: Because there is no paper holder or plastic guard on the CutterPillar, it can trim off the tiniest sliver, so tiny it will curl!
  • Q: What is the maximum sheet size that the CutterPillar will cut?
    A: Although the CutterPillar Pro was made to accommodate 12x12" paper, it will actually cut 1/16" shy of 13” paper. If you need to cut 13" paper, you can cut down to this last increment and then slide the paper over to eliminate the final sliver of paper. The Crop has measurements up to 17" when the arm is extended.
  • Q: How many sheets of paper will the CutterPillar cut at a time?
    A: We prefer that you cut one sheet of paper at a time for maximum accuracy. The CutterPillar was designed to be a precision cutting instrument, trimming off even the tiniest slivers of paper perfectly. However, the CutterPillar will easily cut 4-5 sheets of 24 bond computer paper and 2-3 sheets of light card stock, but the more paper you cut at a time, the more you may sacrifice accuracy and precision. We also recommend only cutting ONE sheet of heavy cardstock or chipboard at a time. DO NOT cut heavier stock than 40 point chipboard. Cutting heavier chipboard or multiple sheets of heavy cardstock can bend the cutting mechanism and will void the warranty. A good rule of thumb is never force the blade. If you're feeling resistance, like you need to lean into the cut, STOP. The blade should slice easily. If not, your stock is too thick or you're cutting too many sheets at a time. Remember, this is a precision trimmer not meant for mass cutting.
  • Q: Can the CutterPillar be used for photographs?
    A: Yes! The CutterPillar is perfect as a photo trimmer. The under-lighting of the LED lights shines clearly through photo paper and allows you to see exactly where you are cutting. No more accidentally trimming off hair or ears or backgrounds!
  • Q: Will the LED lights shine through all paper?
    A: No. The new LED lights will shine through most paper, including photo paper, card stock, and patterned paper, but some dark or thick card stock is opaque and no light will shine through it.
  • Q: Is the CutterPillar safe for kids to use?
    A: We have tried to take all safety precautions with the CutterPillar. The blade does not swing all the way around on the gear rod so that it can’t be left facing up. Also, the blade has a safety guard on it to keep fingers out of the way during cutting; only a small portion of the blade nearest the paper is exposed. HOWEVER, it is still a blade. We recommend that children do not use the CutterPillar unsupervised.
  • Q: Is the CutterPillar Pro available for purchase outside the US?
    A: Yes! Well, it depends on where you live. We have a warehouse in Canada, a retailer in the UK. Prices may vary. If you are interested in ordering outside the US, please contact customer service: (If you are interested in carrying the CutterPillar in a different country, or if you'd like to see it carried at your favorite local store, you or your local store can contact us for purchasing information at New countries are being added frequently, so please ask!
  • Q: Do you ship internationally?
    A: Yes. For countries outside the US, we do ship internationally, however, duties levied by the various governments, as well as brokerage fees levied by the carrier, will apply and are the responsibility of the buyer. They are usually required upon delivery.
  • Q: How long will it take to get my CutterPillar?
    A: Handling time is same day or next day. Your CutterPillar will be shipped UPS ground or USPS, which takes 2-5 days in the continental U.S., depending on how far away from the shipping center you live. We can not guarantee times for international shipping.
  • Q: Can I contact someone if I have additional questions about the CutterPillar?
    A: Yes! Please contact our customer service at for general CutterPillar questions, or performance concerns, or order questions and someone will respond shortly.
  • How do I replace the blades?
    If you are experincing trouble, please first contact us at and we will help troubleshoot the issues. If it is determined you need a new round blade, we will send the blade in the cartridge. To replace simply unscrew each end of the bar and slide off the old cartdrige. Slide the new cartridge on, put the bar back and screw back in the ends. For the flat blade replacement (the flat metal piece that the rotary blade runs against) simple remove the four screws, saving them to use to attach the new blade. Be careful to not tighten too much, it may end up making the edge crooked.
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