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Quirky Quilting and Peculiar Papercrafts: January is National Hobby Month

Greetings, crafty companions! As January sweeps in like a determined squirrel burying nuts in the snow, it's time to cast aside those New Year's resolutions and embrace the chaos of National Hobby Month. Forget about hitting the gym or learning a new language – let's dive headfirst into the world of papercrafting and quilting, where scissors are your sword, and fabric is your kingdom!

Papercrafting: Origami for the Not-So-Patient

So, you've decided to embark on a papercrafting adventure. Excellent choice! Forget the intricate paper cranes, lucious layouts or complex card-making – we're talking about papercrafting projects that reflect your true level of artistic patience (or lack thereof).

The "Fold It and Hope for the Best" Origami Swan:

Unleash your inner paper-folding warrior with the ancient art of origami. Start with a square piece of paper, fold it, crease it, and voilà – you have a swan! Well, at least that's what you intended. If your creation looks more like a paper blob with wings, fear not – it's the abstract version.

Accordion Scrapbook of Life's Unanswered Questions:

Unfold the mysteries of the universe with an accordion-style book documenting life's most perplexing questions. Why do socks disappear in the laundry? Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways? Feel free to add your own musings and befuddle future generations. Add some fun to your Scrapbooking and memories for those future generations.

Quilting: Stitching Together Sanity and Scraps

If the delicate art of papercrafting isn't your cup of tea (or glue), fear not – quilting is here to wrap you in a warm embrace of fabric and fuzzy confusion.

The "Mismatched Madness" Quilt:

Who needs a perfectly coordinated quilt when you can have a masterpiece of mismatched fabrics? Embrace the chaos and stitch together a quilt that reflects your eclectic taste – because cohesion is overrated. Cut random pieces and sized from your ever increasing fabric stash.  Have fun! Create! And celebrate National Hobby Month!

Quilted Confessions:

Turn your quilt into a personal confessional booth by stitching secret pockets for all your hidden treasures. Need a place for your stash of emergency chocolate or a compartment for love letters to your favorite fictional characters? Your quilt has got you covered (literally).

So, whether you're folding paper into abstract shapes or stitching together a quilt that defies all color coordination norms, remember: January is the month to let your creativity run wild. Embrace the quirks, celebrate the chaos, and let National Hobby Month be the starting point of your crafting legacy. Happy crafting, and may your scissors always be sharp! (but don’t mix up your paper scissors and fabric scissors)

Of course we at Cutterpillar are here to help with all the tools you need for your fun, and even your serious, crafting adventures. Check out all we have to offer at

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Dec 31, 2023

I love that you used a Ryan Gosling Hey Girl meme! These show that he is a total supporter of all things crafty!

I tried to add one here, but it wouldn't upload. 😐

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