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Never Just "Another Quilt Show"

If I asked a random stranger what she'd associate the following with...

Nevada casinos, land speed records, law enforcement run-in, outrunning a blizzard, outmaneuvering Teamsters, and adoring fans...

I bet she'd respond with something like "a 1970s Burt Reynolds movie?"

Yet she'd be wrong (even though she should be exactly right)...


It's typical of the life on the road we actually live going to dozens of trade shows. The only common trade show characteristics: 1)never boring or predictable, 2)never just "another quilt show," 3)always trying to do them smarter & more efficiently, 4)always great to see and interact with you! (Thank you for always flocking to see us!!!)

This life really deserves its own word. Jack recently coined one we like: "CUTTERPILLARING!!!"

If you like gorgeous scenery, old Americana, interesting facts, and some twists & turns (fortunate & not), join Jack and Marin below for a quick taste of our latest CutterPillaring experience- Rusty Barn in beautiful Sacramento, CA.

Until the next CutterPillaring... ;)

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May 16

Are you coming to pigeon forge Tennessee???

Replying to

Another quilt show!!! 😁

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