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Extremely bright light

for quilting rulers

This new Clamp Light is just that...

A clamp that gives you significantly more leverage on your quilting ruler by holding with your arm versus your hand/fingers. Cuts will be much straighter & safer with your fingers away from the cutting edge.  

The LED light is a huge bonus that floods your work area with a bright 100 lumens for many hours with its USB-C rechargeable battery.  It has low-high toggle brightness.  

Get that 24 inch ruler under control with this one of-a-kind Clamp Light. 

   "see your sewing in a whole new light".


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Mini Clamps

Mini Quilting Clamp

CutterPillar Mini Quilting Clamp

This little, green devil uses surprisingly strong suction to grasp and hold firmly onto unwieldy quilting rulers. Simple mechanics grip onto any flat (un-textured) surface.  Perfect for holding, cutting and moving  your quilting ruler.  To remove, just release the handle and it comes right off leaving no marks.  Once you try this clever device, you'll never want to use your ruler without it.  (note: included, 1 clamp)

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