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Tempered-Glass Mat

The first of several add-ons for the CutterPillar Glows.  This tempered glass is 20 times harder than regular glass. It is impervious to paints, inks, glues and heat.  What doesn't wash off will easily scrape off with a razor-blade.  The soft rubber feet will keep it stable on any surface.  The grid is designed for all your crafting needs.  Quilters can iron their fusibles and turned edges.  Unlimited uses!

Note: The Glass Mat is relatively heavy item, 5 pounds... which is why the shipping is more than most.


rotating Tempered Glass


The CutterPillar Swivel Tempered Glass Mat.  

A add--on for the Swivel.  Swap out the cutting mat for a tempered-glass, mixed-media mat.

Fusing, ironing, edge-turning, painting, stamping, glue... pretty much impervious to damage of any kind.  

With the Swivel... turn your your project instead of your awkwardly twisting your body! 


The industry's first rotating glass mat.  The only limit to its uses is your imagination. 


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