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rotating CUTTING MAT

The CutterPillar Swivel self-healing, rotating mat spins on steel ball-bearings; for the smoothest rotating experience.  Designed as an add-on for the Glow Light-boards, but great as a stand-alone tool too. 


Both the cutting mat and the spinning base are translucent!  All the benefits of cutting shapes on a rotating mat... with the bonus of the light shining through your fabric and/or paper.  Turn it over to cut on both sides !

The durable PVC cutting surface, (along with one of the most functional printed grids you’ve ever seen) will persist through thousands of cuts. The 3/16th" thick mat includes ruler measurement marks with fractions printed next to them, standard quilting angles, vertical and horizontal rulers, and common squares. 



rotating Tempered Glass


The CutterPillar Swivel Tempered Glass Mat.  

A useful add-on for the Swivel.  Swap out the cutting mat for a tempered glass, mixed-media mat.

Fusing, ironing, edge-turning, paint, stamps, glue... pretty much impervious to damage of any kind.  

Now turn your your project instead of your body!  The industry's first rotating glass mat. 

The only limit to its uses is your imagination. 



Replacement cutting mat

The CutterPillar Swivel replacement PVC mat is the thickest mat you can buy.  Durable too.  Cut on both sides... to your hearts content.

The self-healing qualities allow the cuts to have little effect on translucency.   

Easily removable, use with or without the rotating base. 

The grid lines and rulers are quite user-friendly and useful. 

Replaceable cutting mats make the Swivel  a reliable and useful for years to come.


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