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Open/damaged-Box Specials

Our super popular CutterPillar Crease Scoring Board.  

All are new and tested, but have a slight package:  scuff, mark or irregularity. 

All items are guaranteed with a full warranty. 

Quantities are limited.

50% OFF !!

Normally $39.99


"A new way to score".  


You won't believe how the Crease Scoring Board will improve your card-making.  No more ruining expensive card-stock with bad scores.  With the Crease you can choose two different methods on this one board.  The scoring-stylus allows for speedy, effective scores.  You hold the stylus like a pen, making it very familiar, because your muscle-memory already knows how to do that.   So much easier than awkward bone-folder tool. 

The other side of our scoring tool is the scoring-channel; that is used with scoring-rule. This method can be used when you want print-shop, professional types of scores. This method will never puncture or rip you paper.

The most exciting feature of the Crease... We made it out of translucent ABS plastic, so it could be used as an add-on for all 3 of our CutterPillar Glows.  The light shines right through most card-stocks.  Allowing a level of control and freedom not seen with other scoring boards. 

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