Glow Premium Quilting/Sewing Spring Bundle includes

  • Glow Premium Light Board
  • Tempered Glass Mat
  • Flex Sewing Machine Light
  • Rotary Cutters 3-pk
  • 2 Quilter's Clamps

Five fantastic Quilting/Sewing products in one bundle!


The Glow Premuim is a beautifully illuminated light board for all your crafting projects, this advanced LED technology offers crafters, artists, and creators alike a new way see and engage with a project.   This brilliantly-lit work surface illuminates your medium with 3 different levels of light.  The Glow comes  with a non-slip, self-healing cutting mat that lets the light shine through your project and it includes an internal lithium-ion battery to give you hours of cord-free light.  When you need light for your project without the hassle of outlets and cords, Glow Premium is the light table for you! 


The Tempered Glass Add-on is 10 time harder than regular glass.  It has advantages over our standard self-healing PVC mat…It completely stain proof !  Paints, inks and most glues either wash off or razor off with a flat razor-blade. You can cut on it without marking up the surface.  It perfectly complements the Glow system when you need a harder, (stain-proof) surface than the standard self-healing mat. 


The Flex flexible sewing light can be attached to your sewing machine to add and increase the brightness and visible area. With the USB-C charging port, easily charge and recharge the light.  The Three brightness settings and LED Battery indicator make it easy to use. The convenient cradle can be attached to any machine and makes removal and attachment super easy. 


A 3-pack rotary cutter set. Ergonomic soft-grip design will save time and reduce hand and wrist pain. Cut more accurately and waste less fabric or paper. The unique safety covers are fast and convenient. A size for every use:

  • Big: a 45mm for standard fabric cuts. 

  • Med: 28mm for  ideal for cutting fabric, leather, paper, vinyl etc

  • Small: 20mm perfect for fussy cutting and intricate, detailed cutting 


CutterPillar Quilting Clamps - this handy little, green devil uses surprisingly strong suction to grasp and hold firmly on to unwieldy quilting rulers. Simple mechanics grip onto any flat (un-textured) surface. Perfect for holding, cutting and moving your quilting ruler. To remove, just release the handle and it comes right off leaving no marks. Once you try this clever device, you'll never want to use your ruler without it.