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With the adjustable LED lights and slim features, the Cutterpillar Glow Preium Light Board will illuminate hard to see crafts for faster and more accurate crafting. Use the bright, acrylic light board for tracing patterns, sketching, coloring, stamping, diamond painting and more.  


The Cutterpillar Glow Premium Light Board includes an internal rechargeable battery allowing for up to 4 hours of portable crafting.


The included translucent, non-slip, self-healing mat expands the capability of the Glow Basic Light Board to include crafting and cutting on the light source.  See through many fabrics and papers or use the grid lines on the cutting mat for more accurate alignment with your rulers. 


Includes Glow Basic Light Board; Translucent, Self-Healing, Non-Slip Cutting Mat; USB-C Charging Cord & Power Wall Block


Dimensions: 13" x 19"


Use with Glow Tote for storage and transport - sold separately


  • More info for the Glow Premium Light Board can be found here

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