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Introducing CutterPillar's newest Light Board!  The  Glow Elite - Mini is a wonder.  Lighter, Brighter and Better than any light-board on the market. It is pint-sized for convenience.  The 10x13" board  will fit easily on your lap or the most crowded crafting table. The Mini Size will fit into your purse or tote bag with ease. 


With this bundle - the NEW Glow Magnets - set of 2 is INCLUDED! Designed to hold transfers/tracing secure on the CutterPillar Glow Light Boards, these two magnets are placed securely in molded and easily gripped plastic.


​The plastic molded base will protect your Glow Elite Mini as you carry it from home to class and more.  


The ultra bright LED lights in the Glow Elite Mini shine brighter than all of the Glow Light Boards. The 4 levels of brightness is sure to make you have the exact right level of extra light for your project. 

Our New Elite Collection of Light Boards (starting with the Mini) are built with internal metallic plates which allow our add-on magnets to hold down patterns, paper, fabric and more. Spend more time tracing and less time adjusting the layers.


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