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What Does Crafting Mean to You?

To me it’s experiencing, capturing, and reliving perfect moments through my imperfect creations, engaged with nearly all the senses.  It’s one important way I self-actualize to express my feelings, gratitude, and leave a legacy I hope to be deeply proud of.  I mention the imperfections because they’re of course always inherent in whatever I create, no matter how hard I try.  I’m learning to accept them and be true only to my creative purposes vs my & other’s expectations.

A perfect moment in my life feels timeless and deeply connected with loved ones, often just myself.  A daughter’s funny statement, a son’s smile, a sincere connection with a friend, a desperately needed blessing from heaven.  It can only be described as perfect, even when experienced in the bosom of chaos.  In my memory, it feels bathed in warmth and light, alive, and full of that same, unifying love.

The scrapbooks, quilts, Halloween costumes, holiday decorations, etc. my late mother made for my children and me throughout our lives allow me to enjoy her love and legacy each time I interact with them, through sight, touch, smell, and sound.  They’re priceless treasures that say so much about her, with and without words, and I’m forever grateful she put forth those sacred efforts, even if not perfect to her standards.  In a way, her projects’ imperfections make them perfect.

What does crafting mean to you?

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