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The History of the Flex Sewing Machine Light

The Cutterpillar Flex Sewing Machine Light was a fun product to develop: Problem solving at its most basic level… getting light to where it’s needed. 

Product development sometimes comes from a very personal place. This is especially true with the Flex Sewing Machine Light.  Our mother taught (us boys) to sew as teenagers. We resisted and resented it at the time, but as we matured… we have learned to appreciate it. What a great life skill to have! 

Our mother taught us on her old 70’s Singer sewing machine then.  Even 40 years later, she has repeatedly refused to upgrade it. Admittedly, there is something special about those old, all-metal machines.  What’s not special about those older machines, is the yellow-analog bulbs.  It was so hard to see anything well!

We wanted to bring the “LED revolution” to these older, but useful machines.  These new, tiny (10 year) “LED diodes” allowed us to create a bright-white light in a tiny gadget.  Even better, these diodes with their low electrical draw, could make this device cordless for hours. No cords to contend with while sewing.

Hilariously, the Flex Cradle that holds the Flex Sewing Machine Light

was absolutely inspired by 90’s pager tech!

(We’ll pause here for anyone born after 1995 to ask your dad or google: “pager holster”)  

Our Flex Sewing Machine Light Cradle is a direct ancestor of these pager-holsters worn by yuppies!

The flexible 'neck' was the feature that is the game-changer for the Cutterpillar Flex Sewing Machine Light, pointing that light directly wherever it’s needed most.  From that dark bobbin-hole… to the 12 inches down the line, in the sewing direction,

the Flex Sewing Machine Light is indeed, literally flexible. 

But also flexible in its endless uses in, and out of the sewing room.

Find the Cutterpillar Flex Sewing Machine Light Here and add extra light wherever you need it for $29.99

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