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The Cutterpillar Clamp Light - What a Joy!

A part of CutterPIllar's humble beginnings, 14 years ago, was attending and vending at crafting expos all across the country (we still do over 40 each year). This has been instrumental in our success because customers get a chance to see and interact with our products and our people.

From a product development angle, these exchanges have become vital. We watch and listen to quilters and crafters, getting immediate feedback. The feedback, the good and especially the bad, is invaluable for us to create and improve our products.

From this process, the idea for our incredible Ruler Clamp Light was born. We were able to see how crafters and quilters were using different tools creatively to do jobs the tools were not designed for. For example, we saw some crazy and possibly dangerous methods quilters were employing to hold down their pesky quilting rulers while cutting their fabric, including:

  1. The spider-walk: walking the fingers down the length of the ruler in time with the rotary cutter. 

  2. The elbow cut: plunking one’s whole forearm down and leaning on the elbow whilst cutting.

  3. The weightlifters cut: add a 10–20-pound exercising dumbbell to the top of the ruler to hold it in place. 

4. The Shower-Handle: this is the two suction-cup-handle that obnoxiously covers most of the top, while tweaking one’s wrist to hold it down.

This last example was the final inspiration for the Clamp Light. We streamlined the suction-cup concept, eliminating one of the cups, which allows the user to instantly change the angle of the handle.

This alteration moves the exertion from the weaker fingers to the stronger triceps!  Whoa nelly! Now we’re cutting!!  No more sliced fingers… only straight-cut fabric squares and strips. 

Having redesigned this product this far, we decided to add one more feature to make this an indispensable tool--the 4-hour light.  Your cutting line and ruler markings will never be obscured by shadows again. The rechargeable Cutterpillar Clamp Light has two levels of light and comes with a USB-C charging cable. The green indicator lights on the top of the Clamp Light will show you how much power you still have. Now you can cut your squares and strips into the night and have all the light you need!

Find your Cutterpillar Ruler Clamp Light HERE

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