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Sometimes Basic Is Best

In a world that often celebrates complexity and uniqueness, there's something refreshing about embracing the basics. Being basic doesn't mean being boring or unoriginal; instead, it's about finding beauty and joy in simplicity. Enter Cutterpillar's Glow Basic Light Board.

The Glow Basic is FINALLY back in stock and moving fast. Sometimes embracing the basic means nailing the fundamentals – the foundation of fabulousness!

Why is the Glow Basic so amazing? Well you can use it for anything. Do your kids have a last minute school project? Maybe your eyes are 'tired'. Use the Glow Basic to help complete your (well your kid's) projects when it's late at night.

Of course you can use your Glow Basic for your crafting and quilting needs as well. The light board comes with a translucent, self-healing cutting mat so you can line up your projects and be more accurate in your cutting.

After many, many months of backorders, the Glow Basic is BACK IN STOCK and a great price at $129.99 (which includes the cutting mat!)

We realized that 'BASIC is not just a lever. it's a lifestyle. Why complicate things when you can keep it simple & keep it fabulous! Get yours today while they are HOT!

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