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Make This 4th Last Forever- Start a Craft for Your Man!

Hi crafty friends, Todd here. From an increasingly appreciative crafty husband’s point of view, I'd like to encourage you to start a special project for the man in your life this 4th- any handmade craft themed around an important aspect of your relationship. Here’s a personal story that highlights how a handmade craft can become a treasured possession and forever deepen the bonds between you and your man.

The Quilt Piece of our foundation mosaic

Almost 20 years ago, my gorgeous fiancee Lindsey (now gorgeous, beloved wife, and head of CutterPillar's social media efforts) surprised me with a gift that I will treasure forever—a quilt she made herself. It wasn’t just any quilt; she gave it a special French theme because I had lived in France for a few years and she knew it meant a lot to me. Every time I look at that quilt, I am reminded of those cherished memories and the effort she put into creating something so meaningful.

A French-themed quilt on display
Isn't She Lovely? The Beautiful Quilt Lindsey Made Me.

Proof of her Dedication

She wanted to give it to me before we got married, so after committing to herself to do it shortly before the wedding she spent weeks working on it, meticulously choosing the fabric, cutting the pieces, and sewing them together before having a long-arm quilter finish it. She spent almost all of her free time each evening and weekend working on it.

A French Connection

To me, French theme was a "belle idee," and I think it was really fun for her too. Knowing my love for France, Lindsey selected fabrics that depicted iconic French scenes and symbols. As you can see in the image, there were pieces with the Eiffel Tower and beautiful countryside landscapes. Each square of the quilt told a story, and it was as if she had captured my experiences and memories in fabric form.

The Soundtrack of Our Bond

While she worked on the quilt, Lindsey would listen to French music I had introduced her to. She played everything from classic French chansons like “Les Fueilles Mortes” to contemporary French comedie musicales like “Notre Dame de Paris.” Then and now, that brought us closer and strengthened our bond in ways I hadn't expected.

A Growing Appreciation

As the years have passed, my appreciation for the quilt has only grown. When she first presented it to me, I was deeply touched by the gesture and the thoughtfulness behind it. But as I’ve more recently learned more about what actually went into making it, even though I was raised by a crafty mother, my admiration has increased exponentially.

Allow me to assume the role Captain Obvious for a second by stating what I now know to be an irrefutable fact: making a quilt is no small feat. It requires patience, precision, and a lot of hard work. From selecting the right fabrics to cutting the pieces accurately, sewing them together, and adding the finishing touches, every step is a labor of love. However, knowing that Lindsey put so much effort into creating something just for me makes the quilt even more precious.

Even if he hasn't shown much appreciation before, I’d be shocked if your man doesn't love what you make him, and love and appreciate you even more for it, even if he never really ends up understanding your crafty obsessions!

Getting Started

If you like this idea and haven't tried it before, here are a few tips from Lindsey to help you get started:

  1. Decide and Commit to Yourself to Finish It: It's easy to put off, and there are always a million other things to do, so just decide, make a commitment to yourself, and get going.

  2. Choose a Theme: Think about what is meaningful to your man. It could be based on his hobbies, favorite places, or shared experiences. A theme that resonates with him will make the gift even more special.

  3. Plan Ahead: Take the time to plan your project. Gather your materials, decide on the design, and set a timeline. This will help you stay organized and ensure that your project is completed in time for the holiday. Regarding CutterPillar, our tools can of course make your project much easier.

  4. Personalize It: Add personal touches to your craft. Whether it’s incorporating their favorite colors, adding a monogram, or including elements that reflect their personality, personalization makes the gift unique.

  5. Enjoy the Process: Remember that crafting is not just about the end result. Enjoy the process of creating something with love and care. The time you spend working on the project is part of what makes it special.


Handmade gifts are more than just physical objects; they are expressions of love, care, and dedication. As we celebrate the 4th of July, consider starting a special craft for the man in your life. Whether it’s a quilt, a piece of clothing, or a handmade card, your effort will be deeply appreciated and cherished. Just as the quilt Lindsey made for me has become a treasured possession, your handmade gift can create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds you share with your man.

Happy crafting, and have a wonderful 4th of July!

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05 jul

Hello Todd

While I enjoyed the read ,I kept thinking a the title. I have enjoyed your products and have persuaded many of my fellow guild members to purchase.

I am a bit taken aback by the reference to "your man" comment though. Women are not the only crafters or quilters. We don't make for our men, we create for our spouses or companions. Just my opinion.

Have an awesome day!

Me gusta

03 jul

I made my husband 2 patriotic quilts . One about 7 years ago and the 2nd one about 3 years ago. He loved them emensly. He spent the last 4 months of his life in and out of the hospital, and each time he took his one of his beloved quilt with him. Those 2 quilts are now so very precious to me.i cuddle in them and feel as though he is hugging me.

Me gusta
Contestando a

This is beautiful- thank you so much for sharing!!!

Me gusta
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