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Great Lakes Mega Meet - If You’ve Never Been…You Should!

We’ve been showing our adventures on the road this year and have had such fun sharing with you.  This Great Lakes Mega Meet in Novi, MI at the beginning of May was a little different - especially for me. 

This may be the only Scrapbooking/Papercrafting show we will make it to this year. It also has a huge history for me (this is Melodee by the way).  I started my career in the Papercrafting world.  I have been lucky enough to work for several manufacturing companies as well as some retail outlets.  Papercrafting is my first love in the crafting world.  

When I turned 10, I got a present from my mom.  A Scrapbook of my baby pictures.  She used Elmer’s Glue and cut flowers out of greeting cards.  This book is one of my prized possessions and why, I believe, I pursued a career in the crafting world.  

Onto the show…we got up again and took a 6 am flight to get to Detroit in time to pick up our products and set up our show booth.  I am so not a morning person, but it’s nice to get the work done as early as possible.  

Seeing all our Scrapbook Family out on the road again was so very fun.  Booths like Paper Wizard, Eyelets Etc, Scrappy Boy Stamps, Echo Park Paper and so many more have become like family to us and it was like a great family reunion. 

The Mega Meet is a one-of-a-kind expo.  They have been doing this show over 20 years and people keep coming.  Check out the lines waiting to come in to the show on day one. 


The Classes, the Shopping, the Cropping bring crafters from all over the midwest, Canada and really from all over the US.  Seeing customers again and again brings us so much joy.  Meeting new people also brings us so much joy.  

Two other fun things from this show that we don’t always get to see…the show has a Crop set up where die hard crafters will spends hours and hours crafting, chatting and laughing.  They all try to get tons of projects finished, but sometimes the laughter overtakes the projects.  At the Crop, we were able to find ‘Cutterpillars in the Wild’ Those are the Cutterpillar Glow Ultra Light Boards where your double page layout will fit and you get all the extra light you need to craft. 

The other fun thing we did was to visit a local store, Scrappy Chic one of the nights.  They were having a class with Madison from Echo Park Paper and we were able to tag along and join in the fun. How we love independent scrapbook stores and all the inspiration there.  Of course it made me want to make a bunch of projects I will never get around to completing.

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Thank you for sharing you wonderful trip and keeping in the light to create our projects. I'm enjoying my new Cutter Swivel :)


Thank you so much for your comment and have a great time with your Swivel! :)

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