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Friday Fun Day Video: Using a Lightbox to Cut Applique

Leni outlines the steps for her applique cutting process! Using a light box, rulers and iron, you can use her shortcuts to assemble intricate applique a breeze. Don't miss her productive tips! Pro tip: She'll even share where she assembles it in her house and what she does nightly. Find the products you can use to create an applique station here: =================================== Hi everyone! Thanks for watching this sewing video! Leni is one of our most skilled embroidery experts! She has led embroidery clubs, Kimberbell projects and so much more in store. As a lifelong maker, you can learn so much from our friend Leni! If you want to learn more about sewing, quilting and embroidery, you are at the right place. Follow us and you'll get sewing tips and tricks, and even advanced techniques when you're ready! Please follow our channel and you'll soon be growing your skills and making projects that will surprise yourself. ♥ ▶ Follow us online ▶ Follow us on Facebook for live events, #creativeideas, #sewing, #diy, #sew, #sewingtechniques, #handmade, #sewingideas, #cuttingtips, #sewinglesson, #sewingcrafts, #sewingnotions, #applique, #cuttingapplique, #fussycutting, #lightbox

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