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Don't Get "Stuck" With Other Magnets

Whether you're a quilter, sewist, or paper crafter, here's what you need to know, with a little secret tip at the end ;). This should make your tracing & transfer of any kind SO MUCH easier!

A few of our awesome customers have recently shared feedback about the magnetic capabilities of our new Glow Elite - Mini Light Board (and all other CutterPillar Light Boards if you retrofit them with our Self-Adhesive Metal Plates) that made us realize we hadn't addressed WHY our Mounting Magnets aren't just neat or cute (don't they almost kinda look like little caterpillars?), but essential for your magnetic success.

What Makes Our Magnets Special?

Extensive Testing for the Perfect Combination

Don't feel embarrassed if you don't really know about different kinds of magnets- we certainly didn't before becoming "attracted" to the idea. Since then, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time identifying the right compounds, testing, and refining them to ensure they're the Goldilocks option for your crafting needs. Here’s what sets them apart:

  1. Strongest Magnetic Compound Available: They're made of N52, which is the strongest magnetic compound available. This ensures they have the highest level of magnetic force, making them incredibly effective at holding your materials in place.

  2. Optimal Shape: The shape of a magnet plays an important role in its functionality. We’ve tested various shapes (e.g. disc, horseshoe, etc.) to find the one that offers the best balance of strength and ease of use- pole-shaped. Our magnets are designed to provide maximum hold without being cumbersome or difficult to maneuver.

  3. Handles for Easy Manipulation: One of the standout features of our magnets is the inclusion of handles. These handles make it easy to pick up and move the magnets without pinching your fingers or struggling to get a grip. This small but significant detail can save you a lot of frustration and make your crafting experience much smoother.

Why Not JUST Use Magnets Found Around the House?

It might be tempting to use magnets you already have around the house for your crafting projects. However, these magnets are almost certainly not strong enough for the job. Here’s why:

  1. Lack of Strength: Household magnets are generally not very strong (usually ferrous and meant to be more decorative than practical), and almost certainly not designed to hold multiple layers of fabric, paper, or other crafting materials in place. They almost certainly lack the necessary magnetic force (see the helpful video below), which means your materials can easily shift or move, or just not hold at all, leading to inaccuracies and frustration.

  2. Inconsistency: The strength and shape of household magnets can vary widely. This inconsistency makes it difficult to achieve the precise hold you need for detailed work. Our magnets, on the other hand, are consistently strong and as far as we've found, shaped for optimal use in crafting.

  3. Potential Damage: Using magnets that are too weak or the wrong shape can actually damage your materials or tools. For example, if the magnet slips while you’re working, it could scratch your light board or cause your fabric to bunch up. Our magnets are specifically designed to avoid these issues, providing a secure hold without risking damage.

Why Not Just Use Other N52 Magnets?

Here’s why using other N52 magnets can be very problematic:

  1. Too Powerful: N52 magnets are so powerful that they can easily break your light board if the wrong shape, too big, etc. The magnetic force is literally so strong that it can cause stress on the board, leading to cracks or other damage. We've done the mad scientist experimenting for you so you don't have to find out the hard way with your Light Board- our magnets are designed to provide the right amount of strength without risking damage to your board.

  2. Likely Wrong Size & Shape: The shape & size of a magnet is just as important as its strength. Magnets that are the wrong shape and/or size can be almost impossible to use effectively. They might be difficult or impossible to pick up, hard to position, prone to slipping, and/or prone to snapping together uncontrollably. Our magnets have been tested to ensure they have the optimal size & shape for crafting, making them easy to use and highly effective.

  3. Safety Concerns: N52 magnets can pose safety risks if not handled properly. They can pinch your skin, snap together unexpectedly, or even cause injuries if they collide with enough force.

The Benefits of Using Our Magnets

Now that we’ve covered why our magnets are superior to regular household or other N52 magnets, let’s talk about the specific benefits they offer for quilters, sewists, and paper crafters:

  1. Precision and Accuracy: Our magnets hold your materials firmly in place, ensuring that they don’t shift or move while you’re working. This precision is crucial for tasks like cutting fabric, aligning quilt pieces, or tracing patterns.

  2. Ease of Use: The handles on our magnets make them incredibly easy to manipulate. You can quickly reposition them as needed without struggling to get a grip or risking pinched fingers.

  3. Versatility: Our magnets are versatile enough to be used with a variety of materials and tools. Whether you’re working with fabric, paper, or other crafting supplies, our magnets provide the hold you need to work efficiently and accurately.

  4. Durability: We’ve designed our magnets to withstand the demands of regular use. They’re made from high-quality materials that won’t lose their strength over time, ensuring that they’ll be a reliable part of your crafting toolkit for years to come.

  5. Safety: Our magnets are designed with safety in mind, providing the perfect level of strength without being hazardous.

Key takeaways

In the world of crafting, the right tools can make all the difference, and in this case, they almost certainly do. Our magnets have been carefully designed and tested to provide the perfect combination of strength, shape, and ease of use. They’re far superior to regular household and other N52 magnets, offering the precision, accuracy, and reliability you need for your projects.

So, as you continue to create and craft, remember that our magnets are more than just a convenience—they’re an essential tool that can enhance your work and make your crafting experience more enjoyable. Don’t settle for less when it comes to the tools you use. Choose our magnets and see the difference for yourself. Happy crafting & get your CutterPillar Mounting Magnets today!

Helpful Video

secret tip

Light Boards aren't the only things that work better magnetized. Consider getting our Mounting Magnets & Metal Plates Bundle to magnetize your Swivel, other cutting mats, etc. Adding the plates does decrease the translucency, so you may want to have one of each- a magnetized & non-magnetized version ;).

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