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Crafters Memorial Day Reflection

Grave stones with American flags

As we pull out our red, white, and blue decorations and listen to the hum of our sewing machines and the rustle of paper, let's think about what Memorial Day really means. It's not just the unofficial start of Summer. It's not just a long weekend or a chance for a BBQ. It’s a day to remember the brave men and women who gave their lives in military service. Their sacrifice bought us the freedom to enjoy the creative hobbies we love so much.

The Freedom to Craft

Through the invaluable gift of freedom, quilters, sewists, and paper crafters can express ourselves any way we want, gather with others, and share our creations. Each quilt, garment, or paper project we make is a celebration of that freedom.

Every quilt is a labor of love and creativity, from choosing the fabric to sewing the final stitch. Sewists have the freedom to design and make unique clothes and accessories, of all styles. Paper crafters can create beautiful cards, decorations, etc.

CONSIDER Crafting with Purpose

A very enriching, and freedom-propagating use our crafting is to honor those who served and are currently serving. Quilters can partner with The Quilts of Valor Foundation to provide handmade quilts to veterans and service members, offering comfort and thanks. Sewists can create items for organizations supporting military families and veterans, like Operation Gratitude, which sends care packages to deployed troops and veterans.

A woman examining a beautiful quilt

A person using a sewing machine

Paper crafters can make handmade cards for troops through programs like Soldier's Angels, which among other things, has a program for making cards for soldiers, sending messages of thanks and support. Scrapbooking can preserve the memories of loved ones who served, creating lasting tributes.

Keeping Their Memory Alive

This Memorial Day, let’s commit to ourselves to keep the memory of our fallen heroes alive in our hearts and crafts. Whether we’re quilting, sewing, or making paper crafts, let’s fill our projects with gratitude and remembrance. Sharing their stories and honoring their sacrifices ensures their legacy continues.

Our crafts are more than just hobbies; they show who we are and what we value. By crafting with purpose, we can pay tribute to the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom.

This Memorial Day, let’s honor their memory through our creativity and cherish the freedom they secured for us. May we always remember what Memorial Day truly means and continue to honor our heroes through our crafts and lives.

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May 24

What a lovely tribute. Indeed, we must never forget. So many have sacrificed the ultimate and we must fight to hang on to what was handed to us back in 1776 and all those who have fought for it through the years. God Bless America!

Replying to

Thank you! It's so easy to forget and/or not recognize the invaluable gift of freedom we've been given. We really can't reflect on, recount, and celebrate it enough! Happy Memorial Day!

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